Hi, I’m Corbie.  I’m a busy mother of 6 who enjoys cooking for my family as well as entertaining for others.

I have always had a meal plan when it came to dinner and I recently found out that alot of the rest of the world does not plan their meals the same way.  (I could not function if I didn’t).  When I’ve shared this with other people, they looked at me with awe as to how I could be so organized.  I never thought it was anything special, I did it out of necessity and actually thought that the rest of the world did too.

I have an extensive collection of recipes and could probably make a different thing each night for at least a year so I thought I would start this blog as my way of helping others to become more organized with their meal planning and/or just to give ideas and recipes of different things to cook.

I’m a photographer by trade and love to photograph food.  Actually, the recipes that grab my attention are the ones accompanied by a photograph, so I will be sharing my favorite recipes, and trying out new recipes and sharing the photos here on my blog.  My little contribution and maybe someday my photos will be seen by the world, maybe in a cookbook or something, or maybe I’ll be hired to photograph for a new menu.  That would be awesome.

So I hope you enjoy the recipes as well as the photos, and if you have a recipe you’d like me to try, post it and I’ll share my take on it.



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