How Many Recipes???


Are there any recipe collectors out there?  I have inherited my grandmothers recipes from all the years that she collected them.  I believe she passed on her love of recipes to me.  I have such an extensive collection from books, magazines, emails and Pinterest that I could probably cook a different meal every night for about 5 years.  Of course I may have some duplicates in my collection.

I think it would be fun to do a project and see just how many days of recipes I do have. Not sure that my hubby would go along with that though.  He has asked me at one time if I could go back and cook something more than once.

I really love recipes with photos, how about you?   I find it very hard to cook the ones without.  I’ve heard that you eat with your eyes first and that is definitely true for me.  I really enjoy looking through Pinterest and magazines at the food photos.  Makes my mouth water.

So are there any fellow recipe collectors out there?  How many recipes do you think you have?

Hope to hear from you soon,